.WORKFLOW File Extension

A .WORKFLOW file is a Automator Workflow, created by Apple.

Open with Apple Automator (Included with OS). Available for Mac.

What is a .WORKFLOW file?

The .WORKFLOW file extension is used for a type of file called an Automator Workflow. This kind of file is made with a program from Apple called Automator, which first appeared in Mac OS X 10.4. An Automator Workflow file contains a series of steps or commands that the computer automatically follows to do certain tasks without needing a person to guide it every step of the way. For example, it can automatically save a document as a PDF, send it in an email, or select and copy specific files based on the instructions set in the workflow.

To open a .WORKFLOW file, you need to use the Apple Automator program. This program comes included with the operating system on Mac computers, so if you have a Mac, you should already have Automator. You can open a .WORKFLOW file by simply double-clicking on it if you're using a Mac, and it will open in the Automator program. There, you can see all the steps listed in the workflow, modify them if needed, or run the workflow to automate your task.


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