.WSXKEY File Extension

A .WSXKEY file is a Winstep License Key, created by Winstep.

Open with Winstep Xtreme. Available for Windows.

What is a .WSXKEY file?

A .WSXKEY file is a special type of file that acts like a key to unlock certain computer programs made to make your desktop look better. These programs are called Winstep Xtreme and Winstep Nexus Ultimate, and they only work on computers that use Windows. Think of the .WSXKEY file like a ticket that proves you have paid for these programs, allowing you to use all their features without any restrictions.

When you buy Winstep Xtreme or Winstep Nexus Ultimate, you get this .WSXKEY file. It has important information that tells the program, "Hey, this person has the right to use me." So, it's very important to keep this file safe. The best place to keep it is in a special folder on your computer that looks like this: C:/Users/Public/Documents/Winstep/Licenses. This is like putting your ticket in a safe spot where the program knows to look for it.

To use your .WSXKEY file, you don't need to open it with a program like you would with a picture or a document. Instead, Winstep Xtreme or Winstep Nexus Ultimate, the programs that need this file, will look for it automatically in the right place. Once they find it, they unlock themselves, and you can start using them to make your computer's desktop look cool and work better for you. Remember, only these two programs can use the .WSXKEY file, so you don't need to try opening it with anything else.


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