.XLAM File Extension

A .XLAM file is a Microsoft Excel Macro-Enabled Add-In, created by Microsoft.

Open with Microsoft Excel 365. Available for Windows and Mac.

What is a .XLAM file?

An .XLAM file is a special type of file used by Microsoft Excel, which is a program for creating and managing spreadsheets. This file extension stands for Microsoft Excel Macro-Enabled Add-In. These add-ins are tools that help enhance Excel's capabilities by adding extra features and commands that aren't included in the basic setup of Excel. .XLAM files can include things like custom functions or automated tasks, which are known as macros. These macros help users automate repetitive tasks and functions within Excel, making the work more efficient. The .XLAM files can be created by Microsoft itself, or by other developers and users who are skilled in programming Excel macros.

To use an .XLAM file, you need to have Microsoft Excel installed on your computer. Specifically, the versions that can open this type of file include Microsoft Excel 365. To open an .XLAM file, you generally need to enable macros in Excel, because these files contain macro scripts. Once enabled, you can load the add-in through Excel's options, allowing you to use the additional features and commands that come with the .XLAM file.


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