.ZIP File Extension

A .ZIP file is a Zipped File, created by Phil Katz.

Open with funzip. Available for Linux, Windows, and Mac.

What is a .ZIP file?

A ZIP file is a type of compressed file or "archive" that can contain one or more files or folders. These files are compressed to reduce their size, making them easier to store or send over the internet. Each file within a ZIP archive can be compressed using different methods, which allows for efficient storage without needing to compress or decompress the entire archive when accessing individual files.

ZIP files are commonly used to consolidate multiple files into one container, making it simpler to handle and transport them as a single unit. For example, if you have several documents and images that are related to the same project, you can compress them into a ZIP file for easy sharing or backup.

To open a ZIP file, you need specific software that can decompress or "unzip" it. There are many programs available that can handle ZIP files: - **On Windows**: You can use built-in tools like Microsoft File Explorer, which is included with the operating system, or you can download third-party applications such as 7-Zip, Corel WinZip, RARLAB WinRAR, or PeaZip. - **On macOS**: The operating system includes Apple Archive Utility that can open ZIP files. Other options include Smith Micro StuffIt Deluxe Mac 16, The Unarchiver, or Keka. - **On Linux**: Applications like File Roller, PeaZip, and B1 Archiver are popular choices. - **On mobile devices**: For iOS, apps like Apple Files (included with the OS), Corel WinZip for iOS, and iZip are available. For Android, you can use apps like File Viewer for Android, Corel WinZip for Android, RARLAB RAR, or ZDevs ZArchiver. - **On Chrome OS**: The operating system itself supports ZIP files, or you can use web-based tools like 123apps Archive Extractor.

Creating a ZIP file is also straightforward: - **Windows users** can right-click on the file or folder, select "Send to," and then choose "Compressed (zipped) folder." - **macOS users** can right-click on the file or folder, select "Compress [filename]," and a ZIP file will be created in the same location.

ZIP files are very useful for reducing the size of files for storage or sending them over the internet, and they are supported by a wide range of software across different platforms.


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