.208 File Extension

A .208 file is a ASUS Notebook BIOS 208 Update File, created by ASUS.

Open with ASUS Winflash. Available for Windows.

What is a .208 file?

The file extension .208 is associated with an ASUS Notebook BIOS 208 Update File. This type of file is crucial for updating the BIOS on ASUS laptops that run Windows operating systems. BIOS, which stands for "Basic Input/Output System," is essential firmware that helps your computer start up and manages communication between the operating system and connected devices like the keyboard, mouse, and hard drive.

The .208 file contains specific settings and instructions needed to update the BIOS to version 208. This particular update is designed to enhance the functionality of the Embedded Controller (EC) firmware located on the motherboard of an ASUS notebook. The Embedded Controller handles various tasks like battery charging and system hardware monitoring.

To open and use this file, you need a special program called ASUS Winflash. This program is specifically designed to update the BIOS on ASUS computers. Here’s how you can use it: 1. **Download the .208 File**: First, you need to download the BIOS update file (.208 file) from the ASUS website. Make sure to download the correct version that matches your specific ASUS notebook model.

2. **Install ASUS Winflash**: Download and install the ASUS Winflash utility from the ASUS website. This software is necessary to apply the BIOS update.

3. **Update BIOS Using Winflash**: - Open the ASUS Winflash program. - Follow the instructions provided by the software to locate and select the .208 file you downloaded. - Proceed with the BIOS update process as guided by ASUS Winflash. This will typically involve confirming the update and then restarting your computer.

It’s important to ensure that your laptop is connected to a power source during the BIOS update process to prevent the computer from turning off accidentally, which could potentially damage the system.

By updating your BIOS with the .208 file using ASUS Winflash, you can ensure that your ASUS notebook runs efficiently with improved hardware compatibility and performance.


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