.256 File Extension

A .256 file is a Descent 2 Color Palette, created by Interplay Productions.

Open with Interplay Productions Descent 2. Available for Windows and Mac.

What is a .256 file?

A .256 file is a specific type of file used by the video game Descent 2, which is a game where you control a spaceship and navigate through various levels to destroy enemy mines. These files are important because they contain a color palette, which is essentially a set of colors defined by RGB (red, green, blue) values. These colors are used to display the textures and graphics in the game properly. Each .256 file is linked to a .PIG file, which stores the actual texture data, and both files share the same name to ensure they correspond to each other.

To open a .256 file, you need to use the game Descent 2 itself, developed by Interplay Productions. This game is specifically designed to read and utilize the data contained in .256 files to render the game's graphics with the correct colors. There isn't typically a need to open these files with other software unless you are looking into game development or modding. In such cases, specialized tools designed for game development might be able to open and manipulate these files.


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