.BCI File Extension

A .BCI file is a Belarc Advisor Report File, created by Belarc.

Open with Belarc Advisor. Available for Windows.

What is a .BCI file?

A .BCI file is a type of document created by a program called Belarc Advisor. This program checks your computer to gather a lot of information about it. When it's done checking, it makes a report, and this report is saved as a .BCI file. The information in this report is very detailed. It tells you about the computer's hardware (like the CPU, RAM, and hard drive), what software you have installed, details about your anti-virus program, if there are any updates from Microsoft that you haven't installed yet, and how well your computer meets certain security standards set by the Center for Internet Security.

To look at a .BCI file, you can use Belarc Advisor itself, which is the same program that creates these files. Another way to view the contents of a .BCI file is by using a web browser, like Chrome, Firefox, or Edge. This means you can open and read the report just like you would look at a webpage, making it easy to understand what's on your computer and if there are any issues you need to address.


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