.BCK File Extension

A .BCK file is a VMX Backup File, created by HP.

Open with HP OpenVMS. Available for Windows.

What is a .BCK file?

A .BCK file is a type of file that is used to keep a backup copy of other files or a whole collection of files from a computer system. This kind of file was specifically made for use on older computer systems called VMS VAX or VMS Alpha. These systems were quite advanced for their time and were used by businesses to handle big tasks. The .BCK file helps to make sure that important information doesn't get lost or damaged. It's like making a spare copy of your important documents and keeping them safe.

The .BCK file contains what is known as a saveset. Imagine you have a box where you can safely store your valuable items; a saveset is like that box for computer files. It holds either a single file or a bunch of files together so that they can be restored later if needed. This is very useful because computers can sometimes have problems, like losing data or having files get corrupted (damaged in a way that they can't be used anymore). By having a .BCK file, you can bring back your lost or damaged files to their original state.

To create and use .BCK files, there was a special tool called BACKUP that came with the VMS operating systems. This tool could take the files you wanted to keep safe and put them into a .BCK file. These .BCK files could then be stored on something like a magnetic tape or a disk. Magnetic tapes are like the tapes used in old music cassettes but designed to store computer data.

If you have a .BCK file and you want to open it or use the files inside it, you would need a system that can run HP OpenVMS. HP OpenVMS is the newer version of the VMS operating system that these backup files were originally made for. It's important to note that the VMS operating system has gone through changes over the years and was eventually replaced by what is now called OpenVMS.

In summary, a .BCK file is a backup file from an older computer system, designed to keep data safe. To work with these files, you would typically need access to the HP OpenVMS system, which is the modern successor to the systems that originally used these backup files.


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