.BFE File Extension

A .BFE file is a Bcrypt Encrypted File, created by Johnny Shelley.

Open with bcrypt. Available for Linux, Windows, and Mac.

What is a .BFE file?

A .BFE file is a type of file that has been made secure using a special program called bcrypt. This program scrambles the information in the file so that only people who know a special password can see the information again. To make a file into a .BFE file, or to turn a .BFE file back into a normal file, you need to use the bcrypt program.

Here's how it works: If you have a file you want to keep private, you use bcrypt to mix up the information in the file. When you do this, you have to create a password. Remember this password, because you'll need it if you want to make your file readable again. After bcrypt has done its job, your original file is replaced with a new one that ends in .BFE, showing that it's been encrypted. If you want, you can tell bcrypt not to delete your original file.

Bcrypt works on different types of computers, including those running Linux, which is where it's used the most. To encrypt a file, you open a place on your computer called a terminal window, type in a special command that includes the name of the file you want to encrypt, and then type in your password. Bcrypt uses a very secure method called the Blowfish cipher to scramble your file. This method makes sure that the scrambled file can only be unscrambled with the password you created.

To open a .BFE file, you basically do the reverse process with bcrypt, using the same password to turn the scrambled file back into a readable one.

In summary, .BFE files are secure files created with bcrypt, which uses a password to protect the information. You need bcrypt and the correct password to open or decrypt these files.


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