.BFF File Extension

A .BFF file is a Backup File Format, created by IBM.

Open with IBM AIX backup. Available for Linux.

What is a .BFF file?

The .BFF file extension stands for Backup File Format. It is a type of file used specifically on IBM AIX computers, which are powerful machines often used by businesses. The .BFF file is created by a program called "backup" that comes with the IBM AIX operating system. This program is used to make copies of files so that they can be saved and protected. These backup files are very important because they can be used to recover data in case something goes wrong, like if files get accidentally deleted or corrupted.

The content inside a .BFF file is similar to what you might find in a .TAR archive. A .TAR archive is a common format used to collect many files into one larger file, making it easier to move or save. Similarly, a .BFF file contains a collection of files that have been backed up, all stored together in one place.

To work with .BFF files, you would use two main utilities on the IBM AIX system. The first one is the "backup" utility, which is what you use to create the .BFF file. It takes all the files you want to back up and packages them into the .BFF format. The second utility is called "restore." As the name suggests, the "restore" utility is used to open .BFF files and bring back the files that were saved inside them. This is very useful if you need to recover your data after a problem.

In summary, if you are using an IBM AIX computer and you see a file with the .BFF extension, it is a backup file that contains important saved data. You can create these files using the "backup" tool and open them with the "restore" tool to recover your files when needed.


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