.BFG File Extension

A .BFG file is a Big Fish Games Application File, created by Big Fish Games.

Open with Big Fish Games Game Manager. Available for Windows.

What is a .BFG file?

The .BFG file extension is a type of file used by Big Fish Games, specifically with their Big Fish Games Game Manager program. This program helps you to start and manage games that you download from the Big Fish Games website. The .BFG file is important because it holds settings and information that tell the Game Manager how to properly start a game. This information is organized in a way that computers can read easily, using something called XML formatting.

When you download a game from Big Fish Games, it comes with .BFG files that are crucial for the game to work correctly. These files are named LaunchGame.bfg and UnlockGame.bfg. As their names suggest, one is used to launch the game, and the other might be used to unlock or activate the full version of the game.

To open a .BFG file, you need to have the Big Fish Games Game Manager installed on your computer. This is because the .BFG file is designed to work with this specific program. The Game Manager uses the information in the .BFG file to make sure the game runs smoothly on your device.

In summary, if you're downloading games from Big Fish Games, the .BFG files are essential for making sure those games run correctly. You won't need to open these files yourself, as the Big Fish Games Game Manager takes care of everything automatically.


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