.BFI File Extension

A .BFI file is a Brute Force & Ignorance Video, created by Tsunami Media, Inc..

Open with VideoLAN VLC media player. Available for Linux, Windows, and Mac.

What is a .BFI file?

A .BFI file is a type of video file that is specifically used in video games made by Tsunami Media. This kind of file stores video clips, often referred to as cutscenes, that are played during the game to tell a story or show an event. These cutscenes help make the game more interesting and engaging. The games "Blue Force" and "Flash Traffic: City of Angels" are examples where .BFI files are used to store such video content.

To open a .BFI file and watch these video cutscenes outside of the game, you can use certain programs designed to play or handle video files. Here are some of the programs that can open .BFI files: 1. **VideoLAN VLC media player**: This is a very popular, free program that can play a wide variety of video files, including .BFI files. It's easy to use and can be downloaded from the internet.

2. **FFmpeg**: This is a more advanced tool that is used for converting, streaming, and playing multimedia files. It can handle .BFI files too, but it's more suited for users who are comfortable with command-line interfaces.

3. **File Viewer Plus**: This is a program that you can get from the Microsoft store. It's designed to open over 300 different file types, including .BFI video files. It's a good option if you're looking for a simple way to view a .BFI file without needing to use more complex software.

To watch a .BFI video, you would first need to download and install one of these programs. After installation, you can open the program and then open the .BFI file through the program's menu to start watching the video.


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