.BFX File Extension

A .BFX file is a Bitware Fax Document, created by Cheyenne.

Open with Smart FaxSee. Available for Windows.

What is a .BFX file?

The .BFX file extension is associated with a Bitware Fax Document. This type of file is a fax document created using Bitware, which was a widely used digital fax software developed by Cheyenne. The .BFX file contains a digital version of a fax that can be transmitted through a modem.

The content of a .BFX file can be converted into more common file formats such as .PDF (Portable Document Format) or .JPEG (Joint Photographic Experts Group) using various conversion programs. This feature is useful for viewing the fax on different devices or sharing it with others who may not have the Bitware software.

To open a .BFX file, you can use several specific programs designed to handle fax documents. Some of these programs include: - Smart FaxSee: A tool that allows you to view different types of fax files, including .BFX files. - FaxSee Pro: An advanced version of Smart FaxSee, offering more features for handling fax documents. - Batch Fax to PDF: A program specifically designed to convert fax files, including .BFX files, into PDF format. This is helpful for those who need to archive faxes in a universally accessible format. - Batch Fax2JPEG: Similar to Batch Fax to PDF, this program converts fax files into JPEG images, which is useful for viewing or sharing faxes as image files.

These programs provide the necessary tools to open, view, and convert .BFX files, ensuring that users can access and utilize the information contained in Bitware Fax Documents even if they do not have the original Bitware software.


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