.BGI File Extension

A .BGI file is a BgInfo Configuration File, created by Microsoft.

Open with Microsoft BgInfo. Available for Windows.

What is a .BGI file?

A .BGI file is a special kind of file used by a program called BgInfo. BgInfo is a tool that helps you see important information about your computer, like its name, the version of Windows it's running, and other details, right on your desktop background. The .BGI file contains settings that you, the user, have chosen to customize how BgInfo shows this information. This means you can decide what details you want to see and how they look on your desktop.

To open a .BGI file, you need to use the BgInfo program. This program is made by Microsoft, a very big company that creates a lot of software, including Windows. If you have a .BGI file and you want BgInfo to use it instead of using its standard settings (which are saved in a part of the computer called the registry), you have to tell BgInfo to do so. You do this by typing something like "BGInfo MyConfig.bgi" in a place on your computer where you can enter commands, which is usually called the command line.

BgInfo and the .BGI files are useful for people who manage a lot of computers and need to quickly see information about each one without having to dig through menus and settings. It's also handy for anyone who likes to customize their computer and have important information easily visible.

BgInfo was originally created by a company called Sysinternals. Microsoft liked it so much that they bought Sysinternals in July 2006. Now, BgInfo is a part of Microsoft's tools, and you can find more information about it on Microsoft's TechNet BgInfo page. This is a website where Microsoft provides details and help for many of its products.


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