.BGZ File Extension

A .BGZ file is a Blood Frontier Map File, created by Wouter van Oortmerssen.

Open with Blood Frontier. Available for Linux, Windows, and Mac.

What is a .BGZ file?

A .BGZ file is a type of computer file used by a video game called Blood Frontier. Blood Frontier is a game where players shoot from the first-person perspective, meaning you see the game world as if through the eyes of the character you're playing. This game was once known by another name, Red Eclipse. The .BGZ file contains all the information needed for a level in the game. This includes the layout of the land, places where players can move, where weapons are located, and other important settings for playing the game. These files can be for playing by yourself or with other people online.

To open a .BGZ file, you need to have the Blood Frontier game. This is because the file is made specifically for this game and contains data that only Blood Frontier can understand and use.

It's interesting to note that .BGZ files are quite similar to another file type used by Red Eclipse, known as .MPZ files. Both types of files are compressed using a method called GZip to make them smaller and easier to manage. However, even though they are similar, not every .MPZ file can be used in Blood Frontier. This is because the .MPZ format has been updated with new features that Blood Frontier might not recognize.

Both Blood Frontier and Red Eclipse were created using something called the Cube 2 game engine. This is a tool that developers use to make the game work and look a certain way.

It's important to know that the development of Blood Frontier has stopped, and the game was never fully completed or officially released. This means that while you might still find and use .BGZ files, the game itself is no longer being updated or supported.


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