.BIG File Extension

A .BIG file is a Electronic Arts Game Data File, created by Electronic Arts.

Open with Gibbed's DeadRising2 Tools. Available for Windows.

What is a .BIG file?

The file extension .BIG is associated with a specific type of file known as an Electronic Arts Game Data File. This format is primarily used by video games developed by Electronic Arts (EA), a well-known video game company. The .BIG file contains various individual assets, such as graphics, sounds, and other game data, which are essential for the game to function properly. To manage storage efficiently, the contents of a .BIG file are typically compressed, or "zipped," which helps save space on the storage device.

The structure and format of a .BIG file are somewhat similar to a .ELF file, which is another type of game file. However, .BIG files are saved in a proprietary format exclusive to EA, meaning they are specifically designed to be used with EA games and may not be compatible with other types of software or games.

For gamers who like to modify or "mod" their games, .BIG files can be particularly useful. These files can be imported into certain EA games as MOD files, allowing players to alter the game's original gameplay, add new features, or make other changes to enhance their gaming experience.

To open or work with .BIG files, several specific programs are available: 1. **Gibbed's DeadRising2 Tools** - This is a toolkit specifically designed for modifying certain EA games, such as Dead Rising 2. It can be used to open and manipulate the contents of .BIG files to create custom game mods.

2. **FinalBIG** - This program is another tool that can open and edit .BIG files. It is useful for gamers who want to explore or modify the data contained within these files.

3. **AssetCacheBuilder (assetcachebuilder.exe)** - This utility is used to build or modify asset caches, and it can work with .BIG files to manage game assets more efficiently.

4. **PlayStation hardware** - Some .BIG files are also used by PlayStation gaming consoles. These files are part of the game data used by certain PlayStation games developed by EA.

In summary, the .BIG file extension is crucial for storing game data in some EA video games. It allows for efficient storage and the possibility of game modification through various specialized programs.


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