.BIK File Extension

A .BIK file is a Bink Video File, created by RAD Game Tools.

Open with The Bink Video Player for GNU/Linux. Available for Linux and Windows and Mac.

What is a .BIK file?

The .BIK file extension refers to a Bink Video File, which is a specialized video format created by RAD Game Tools. This format is primarily used in video games for both personal computers and gaming consoles. The main advantage of the Bink Video format is its ability to compress standard videos significantly while maintaining high video quality tailored for specific gaming platforms.

To open a .BIK file, several programs are available: 1. **The Bink Video Player**: This player is specifically designed to play Bink Video files and is available for both GNU/Linux and MacOS X. 2. **VideoLAN VLC media player**: A versatile media player that supports a wide range of video formats, including .BIK files. It is available for multiple operating systems. 3. **File Viewer Plus**: This is a universal file viewer for Windows that can open and display various file types, including Bink Video files. It can be downloaded from the Microsoft Store. 4. **The RAD Video Tools**: These tools not only play Bink Video files but also allow users to convert other video formats like .AVI and .MOV into the .BIK format. 5. **Microsoft Windows Media Player with Windows 7 Codec Pack**: Although Windows Media Player does not natively recognize the .BIK extension, installing the Windows 7 Codec Pack enables it to play Bink Video files. After installing the codec pack, if Windows Media Player initially does not recognize the file, you can still open the file directly through the player, and it should play.

More about Bink Video Files: Bink Video files are often created by compressing other popular video formats such as .AVI or .MOV. This compression allows for adjustable data rates, making it possible to optimize video resolutions ranging from as low as 320x240 to high-definition quality. This flexibility makes Bink Video files suitable for various devices, from handheld gaming devices to high-definition televisions and computer monitors.


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