.BLG File Extension

A .BLG file is a Windows Binary Performance Log File, created by Microsoft.

Open with Microsoft Performance Monitor (Included with OS). Available for Windows.

What is a .BLG file?

A .BLG file is a special kind of computer file used by Windows, the operating system that runs on many computers. This type of file is created when Windows keeps track of how well the computer is performing. Think of it like a diary that records what the computer is doing and how hard it's working. This is really useful for figuring out when the computer is having a hard time, like when it's running slow because too many programs are open at once. The .BLG file keeps track of things like how much of the computer's brain (CPU), memory, and storage space are being used.

To look at or use these .BLG files, you can use tools that come with Windows. One of these tools is called Microsoft Performance Monitor. Another place you can find tools to open .BLG files is in the Microsoft Windows Administrative Tools. Both of these are included with the Windows operating system, so you don't have to download anything extra.

The information inside a .BLG file is saved in a special way that only certain programs can understand. However, if you need to, you can change the .BLG file into a .CSV file. A .CSV file is a simple type of file that can be opened with many different programs, like spreadsheet software. To do this, you use a command called "relog" in the command prompt, which is a way to type commands directly into Windows.

In summary, .BLG files help keep track of how well your computer is working and can be opened with specific tools that come with Windows. If needed, they can be converted into a more common file type for easier viewing.


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