.BLI File Extension

A .BLI file is a Thomson Speedtouch Firmware File, created by Thomson.

Open with Thomson Upgrade Tool (Discontinued). Available for Windows.

What is a .BLI file?

A .BLI file is a special kind of computer file used to update the software inside Thomson Speedtouch wireless internet modems and routers. This software inside the modem or router is called firmware, and it helps the device work properly. The .BLI file is made to be used with a specific program called the Thomson Upgrade Tool, which helps install these updates onto the Speedtouch devices. When a .BLI file is used to update a device, it can add new features to the modem or router, fix any problems it might have been having, and do other important tasks to make sure the device works well.

However, the Thomson Upgrade Tool program that opens .BLI files is no longer available because Thomson changed its name to Technicolor SA in 2010. Despite this, you can still update the firmware of Thomson's Speedtouch Series WLAN modems and routers by using a web management interface that Thomson provides. This means you can go to a specific webpage set up by Thomson to install the updates you need for your device, even though the original program for opening .BLI files isn't around anymore.


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