.BLS File Extension

A .BLS file is a Blockland Saved Game File, created by Blockland.

Open with Blockland. Available for Windows and Mac.

What is a .BLS file?

The .BLS file extension is associated with Blockland, which is an online multiplayer game where players build structures using bricks that resemble Lego pieces. A file with the .BLS extension is a Blockland Saved Game File. This type of file contains a 3D scene that a player has created within the game. The scene is made up of various bricks arranged in specific patterns to form structures.

The .BLS file is saved in a text format, which means it records details in a way that can be read as text. This text includes important information about each brick in the scene, such as its location, color, and orientation. This allows the game to reconstruct the exact scene when the file is loaded.

To open a .BLS file, you need to use the Blockland game itself. The game has the capability to read the .BLS file, load the saved 3D scene, and allow players to continue building or modifying the structure. There is no other known software that can open this type of file, as it is specifically designed for use within the Blockland game environment.


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