.BLT File Extension

A .BLT file is a AIM Buddy List, created by AOL.

Open with AOL Instant Messenger. Available for Windows and Mac.

What is a .BLT file?

The file extension .BLT is associated with the AIM Buddy List file type. This file type is used specifically by AOL Instant Messenger (AIM), which was a widely used instant messaging program. The .BLT file stores a list of a user's friends who are also using AIM. It includes not just the usernames but also other relevant information about each friend. This information is used to populate the "buddy list" in the AIM program.

The buddy list feature in AIM was crucial as it allowed users to easily see which of their friends were online at any given time and to initiate conversations with them directly from the list. This made communication quicker and more efficient, enhancing the user experience by keeping friends just a click away.

To open a .BLT file, you would need to use AOL Instant Messenger. Since AIM was discontinued, opening a .BLT file might require finding a version of the software that still operates or using specific legacy software tools designed to access or convert old AIM data. If you have old .BLT files, it might be challenging to access them without the appropriate version of AOL Instant Messenger.


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