.BMV File Extension

A .BMV file is a Teeny Weeny Games Video File, created by Teeny Weeny Games.

Open with VideoLAN VLC media player. Available for Linux, Windows, and Mac.

What is a .BMV file?

A .BMV file is a type of video file that was created for use in video games made by a company called Teeny Weeny Games. These games include "Discworld II: Missing Presumed..!?" and "Discworld Noir." The .BMV files contain videos that are shown during the games, like when a new part of the story is being told. These videos are called cutscenes.

However, .BMV files are special because you can't just open and watch them with regular video players that most people use, like the ones on your computer or phone. This is because the .BMV format is not a common video format like .MP4 or .AVI.

If you have a .BMV file and you want to watch the video outside of the game, you need to change it into a more common video format. This process is called converting. To do this, you need special software.

Some programs that can open or convert .BMV files include: - VideoLAN VLC media player: This is a very popular program that can play a lot of different video formats. It can also help you convert .BMV files into formats that are easier to watch. - FFmpeg: This is a program for people who are okay with using text commands. It's very powerful and can convert .BMV files, but it might be a bit difficult to use if you're not used to it. - File Viewer Plus (available from Microsoft): This program can open many different types of files, including .BMV files. It's a good option if you want a simple way to see what's inside a .BMV file.

The .BMV files from "Discworld II" and "Discworld Noir" are a bit different from each other. For example, the .BMV files from "Discworld II" don't have a header, which is like a piece of information that tells the computer what the file is. The .BMV files from "Discworld Noir" do have a header. This means that even though both games use .BMV files, the files are not exactly the same.

In summary, if you find a .BMV file and you want to watch the video inside it, you'll need to use special software to either open or convert the file into a more common video format.


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