.BMX File Extension

A .BMX file is a Siemens Mobile Animations File, created by Siemens.

Open with Microsoft Windows Photo Viewer (Included with OS). Available for Windows.

What is a .BMX file?

The .BMX file is a type of picture file used by some Siemens mobile phones. It's like a small cartoon or animation made up of four pictures stuck together on top of each other. Imagine you have four small pictures, each one is a tiny square (16 pixels by 16 pixels). If you stack these squares one on top of the other, you get one tall, skinny picture (16 pixels wide and 64 pixels tall). This tall picture is what the .BMX file has. It's used to make simple moving pictures or animations on the phone, kind of like a flipbook, where each of the four pictures is a frame in the animation. This is a bit like an animated .GIF file, which is another type of moving picture file that Siemens phones can use.

If you want to see or change a .BMX file on a computer, you can use programs that are already on your computer if you have Microsoft Windows. One program is called Windows Photo Viewer, which lets you look at pictures. Another program is Microsoft Paint, which lets you open and edit pictures. Both of these programs come with Windows, so you don't need to download anything extra to open a .BMX file. Since .BMX files are a type of bitmap image, any program that can show or edit BMP (bitmap) pictures should be able to work with .BMX files too.


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