.BNA File Extension

A .BNA file is a Barna Word Processor Document, created by Safe Works.

Open with Safe Works Barna. Available for Windows.

What is a .BNA file?

The .BNA file extension is used for a type of text document that is made using a software called Barna. Barna is a special word processing program designed specifically for writing in the Bangla language, which is also known as Bengali. This program is quite useful because it allows users to write in Bangla using different types of Bangla fonts. It also supports various keyboard layouts that are commonly used by Bangla speakers, including Munir, Bijoy, and Easy keyboards. Additionally, users have the option to create their own custom keyboard layouts to suit their typing preferences.

If you have a .BNA file, it means you have a document that was created in the Barna program. This document can include any kind of text written in the Bangla language, such as letters, reports, or any other written material.

To open a .BNA file, you will need to use the Safe Works Barna software. This is the program that originally created the file, and it is specifically designed to work with .BNA files. With Safe Works Barna, you can view the content of your .BNA document, make changes to it, or create new documents in the Bangla language.


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