.BMZ File Extension

A .BMZ file is a Portal Bonus Map Zip File, created by Valve.

Open with Valve Portal 2. Available for Windows and Mac.

What is a .BMZ file?

The .BMZ file extension is used for a special type of file called a Portal Bonus Map Zip File. This file is associated with the game Portal, which is a popular first-person puzzle-solving game that involves moving through different levels or "maps" by creating portals. The .BMZ file contains a bonus map that is not part of the original game. These bonus maps can be created by people who enjoy the game and want to add their own levels for others to play. Inside a .BMZ file, there is a .ZIP archive. This means that the bonus map files are compressed into a single file to make them easier to share and download. When you open this .ZIP archive, you will find several different types of files. These include .BSP files, which are the actual map files that Portal uses to display the game environment. There are also .TGA files, which are used for logos or images associated with the bonus map, and .BNS files, which contain scripts or instructions for the game to follow within the bonus map.

To open a .BMZ file and play the bonus map, you can use the game Portal itself. Both the original Portal game and its sequel, Portal 2, can open these files. Here's how you can do it: Start the game Portal, look for an option in the game menu called "Bonus Maps," and then click on "Import Bonus Maps..." After that, you just need to select the .BMZ file you want to play, and the game will install the bonus map for you. This allows you to enjoy new challenges and puzzles created by the Portal community.


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