.BNK File Extension

A .BNK file is a Test Drive Unlimited Data Package, created by Adlib.

Open with AdLib Visual Composer. Available for Windows.

What is a .BNK file?

The .BNK file extension is used for a specific type of file known as a Test Drive Unlimited Data Package. These files are essentially instrument banks that are used by a music composition program called Adlib Visual Composer. The purpose of these files is to store custom instrument data. This data is used in conjunction with .ROL files, which contain the musical notes. Together, the .BNK files and the .ROL files allow musicians to create scores with various instruments.

To open a .BNK file, you can use programs like AdLib Visual Composer or Adlib Tracker II. These programs are designed to work with .BNK files, enabling you to access and use the instrument data contained within them for your music compositions.

If you're using a Windows computer, you might find these .BNK files in a specific directory, which is usually C:\Users\.CONFIG\AppData\Roaming\Spotify\Users\USER_ID. This location is where Spotify, a popular music streaming service, stores certain data files, including .BNK files related to playlists.

It's important to handle these files carefully. If you have a .BNK file that is particularly important to you, such as one that contains a custom playlist you've created, you should consider making a backup. You can do this by copying the .BNK file from its original location to another folder on your computer. This way, you can ensure that your data is safe from accidental deletions or unwanted changes.


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