.BNL File Extension

A .BNL file is a Talking Reading Pen Audio File, created by N/A.

Open with Cannot be opened. Available for Windows and Mac.

What is a .BNL file?

A .BNL file is a special kind of audio file that is used with talking reading pens, which are tools designed to help people, especially children, read and interact with books in a unique way. These files contain audio tracks that match up with specific books. When you use a talking reading pen with one of these books, you can touch the pen to different parts of the book's pages to hear the audio that goes with the words or pictures. This could be the book being read out loud, or it might be special sounds or music that relate to the story or images on the page.

To use a .BNL file, you need a talking reading pen and the book that goes with the file. You can't just open a .BNL file on a computer or a regular music player because it's designed to work only with a talking pen. Before you start reading the book with your pen, you usually have to tap the pen on the book's cover. This makes sure that the pen recognizes the book and has the right .BNL file for it. If everything is set up correctly, the pen will say the title of the book, letting you know it's ready to go.

These .BNL files are really important for making the books interactive. They can make reading more fun and engaging, especially for kids. For example, if a child is reading a book about a farm and there's a picture of a cow, they might be able to tap the cow with their talking pen and hear a "MOO!" sound. This adds an extra layer of excitement to reading and can help children learn in a more interactive way.

However, since .BNL files are specifically made for use with talking reading pens, you can't open them with regular software programs that you might use for other types of audio files. They are designed to work within the ecosystem of the talking pen and its books, making them a unique and specialized file type.


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