.BNR File Extension

A .BNR file is a Nintendo Wii Banner File, created by N/A.

Open with Dolphin. Available for Linux, Windows, and Mac.

What is a .BNR file?

A .BNR file is a special kind of file used by the Nintendo Wii, a popular gaming console. This file has all the details about a banner. A banner is like a digital poster that shows up on the Wii's menu to represent a game or a "channel" (which is just another name for a specific section or feature on the Wii). When you see a game on the Wii menu, the picture of the game and any moving images or sounds that play when you select it are all stored in the .BNR file.

The main things inside a .BNR file include how the banner looks (its image), any animations it has, and the sounds it makes when you move to that channel on the Wii menu.

To open or work with .BNR files, people use a program called Dolphin. Dolphin is not just one program but a very popular emulator that lets you play Wii games on a computer. It's mentioned three times because it's the main tool for this job.

However, regular Wii users, the people who just play games on their Wii, don't need to open .BNR files themselves. The Wii console does all the work, using the information in the .BNR files to show the banners on the menu. These files are usually tucked away inside other Wii game files, specifically in .BIN files (which might be named something like content.bin).

But, there's a group of Wii fans and gamers who like to tinker with their games to add new, custom stuff. These folks are part of what's called the Wii Homebrew community. "Homebrew" means homemade or unofficial software. These gamers might edit .BNR files, among others, to change how a game's banner looks on their Wii or on a Wii emulator like Dolphin. They do this to personalize their gaming experience, adding a unique touch to the games they love.


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