.BNS File Extension

A .BNS file is a Portal Bonus Map Script, created by Valve.

Open with Valve Portal 2. Available for Windows and Mac.

What is a .BNS file?

The .BNS file extension is associated with a specific type of game file known as a Portal Bonus Map Script. This file is used by the video game Portal, which is a game where players solve puzzles from a first-person perspective. The content of a .BNS file is essentially a script, which is a type of text file that contains instructions or information. In this case, the script provides details about a particular map for the game, which is stored in another type of file with the .BSP extension.

Inside a .BNS file, you can find various pieces of information about the game's map. This includes the name of the map, references to thumbnail images (which are small preview pictures of the map), comments about the map that might provide insights or additional information, and a list of challenges or objectives that players need to complete on that map. All of this information is written in plain text, meaning it can be read and understood without the need for special software to interpret the data.

To open and work with a .BNS file, you can use the video games Valve Portal and Valve Portal 2. These games are designed to recognize and utilize the information contained within .BNS files, applying it to the gameplay experience. When you play Portal or Portal 2, the game automatically reads the .BNS files to load bonus maps along with their specific challenges and details, enhancing the game with additional content.

In summary, .BNS files are important for players of Portal and Portal 2 who want to explore extra maps and challenges. These files are opened by the games themselves, meaning you don't need any special software apart from the games to use them.


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