.BOO File Extension

A .BOO file is a Booasm Compressed Archive, created by Microsoft.

Open with Xtreme Soft ZipZag. Available for Windows.

What is a .BOO file?

A .BOO file is a type of computer file that stores other files and information in a way that takes up less space. It uses a specific method of shrinking the file size called Microsoft Booasm.arc compression. This method is a way of encoding or arranging the data in the file so that it becomes smaller. The .BOO file is made using ASCII, which is a standard way computers represent letters and other characters using numbers.

These .BOO files are sometimes called Boo Encoded Files because of the way they are compressed and encoded. This means that the information inside them is transformed into a format that only certain programs can understand and use.

To open a .BOO file, you need a specific program that can understand this special format and turn it back into its original form or something you can use. One program that can open .BOO files is called Xtreme Soft ZipZag. This program is designed to work with many different types of compressed files, including .BOO files, and can help you access the contents inside them.


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