.BRV File Extension

A .BRV file is a Brick Rigs Vehicle File, created by Lukas Rustemeyer.

Open with Brick Rigs. Available for Windows.

What is a .BRV file?

A .BRV file is a type of file specifically used in the game Brick Rigs, which is a sandbox game similar to LEGO. In this game, players can build various types of vehicles such as cars, tanks, fire engines, helicopters, and planes using LEGO-like bricks and accessories. The .BRV file stores the design of these vehicles, including all the parts and how they are assembled.

To open a .BRV file, you need to have the Brick Rigs game installed on your computer. Brick Rigs is available for purchase and download through Steam, which is a popular platform for buying and managing video games and software.

Once you have Brick Rigs installed, the .BRV files are typically saved in a specific folder within the Steam directory. The default path where these files are stored is usually: \Program\Steam\steamapps\common\BrickRigs\Content\BrickRigs\Vehicles However, the exact path might vary depending on where you have installed Steam on your computer. In Brick Rigs, there is an in-game feature called the garage editor, which allows players to create new vehicles or modify existing ones. Additionally, players can share and download vehicles designed by others through the Steam Workshop under the "Brick Rigs" section.

In summary, .BRV files are essential for players who want to save and share their vehicle creations in the Brick Rigs game, and these files can be managed and opened directly within the game itself.


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