.BRW File Extension

A .BRW file is a Calyx Point Borrower File, created by Calyx Software.

Open with Calyx Point. Available for Windows.

What is a .BRW file?

The file extension .BRW is associated with a Calyx Point Borrower File. This type of file is specifically used by Calyx Point, which is a software application designed for creating and managing mortgage loans. A .BRW file contains important financial data related to a specific loan for a borrower. This includes various details about the loan that are essential for both the lender and the borrower to keep track of the loan's progress and status.

The .BRW file is typically created from a .PRS file, which stands for "prospect file." This happens when a prospective borrower is identified and moves forward in the loan origination process, transitioning from a potential lead to an actual borrower. At this point, the .PRS file, which initially contains preliminary information about the prospective borrower, is converted into a .BRW file to handle more detailed and specific loan management tasks.

To open a .BRW file, you need to use Calyx Point software. This program is tailored to handle the specific data and functions contained within .BRW files, such as updating loan information, tracking loan status, and managing borrower details effectively. There are no commonly known alternative programs that can open and process .BRW files due to their specialized nature and the specific format used by Calyx Point.


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