.BS4 File Extension

A .BS4 file is a Mikogo Session Video Recording, created by BeamYourScreen.

Open with BeamYourScreen Mikogo. Available for Windows and Mac.

What is a .BS4 file?

The .BS4 file extension is associated with a type of video file known as a Mikogo Session Video Recording. This file format is specifically created by Mikogo, which is a software tool designed to work across different computer systems. Mikogo is commonly used for various purposes such as web conferencing, providing remote support, and conducting online meetings.

A .BS4 file contains video data that has been recorded from a computer screen that was shared during an online session using Mikogo. This means that whatever was displayed on the screen during the session, including presentations, documents, or any other visual activity, is captured and stored in the .BS4 file.

To view or manage these .BS4 files, you can use specific programs developed by BeamYourScreen, which is the company behind Mikogo. These programs include: 1. BeamYourScreen Mikogo - This is the main application that not only allows you to conduct and record the sessions but also to open and view the .BS4 files. 2. BeamYourScreen Mikogo Session Player - This is a dedicated player for opening and playing back the .BS4 video files, allowing users to review recorded sessions. 3. BeamYourScreen Mikogo - This may refer to the general suite of tools provided by BeamYourScreen for conducting and managing Mikogo sessions, including the creation and playback of .BS4 files.

In summary, if you have a .BS4 file, you will need to use the BeamYourScreen Mikogo software or the BeamYourScreen Mikogo Session Player to open and view the contents of the file. These tools are essential for anyone using Mikogo to conduct online meetings and wish to save and revisit the recorded video data.


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