.BS2 File Extension

A .BS2 file is a BASIC Stamp 2 Code File, created by Parallax.

Open with BASIC Stamp Linux Software. Available for Linux, Windows, and Mac.

What is a .BS2 file?

The file extension .BS2 refers to a BASIC Stamp 2 Code File. This type of file contains program code specifically designed for use with a Parallax BASIC Stamp module or microcontroller. These devices are commonly used in educational settings for teaching hardware programming. The content of a .BS2 file is written in a simple text format, which means you can view and edit the file using any standard text editor.

However, to fully utilize the features of the .BS2 file and to program the BASIC Stamp microcontrollers effectively, it is recommended to use specialized software. There are specific programs designed for different operating systems that can open and manage .BS2 files: 1. **BASIC Stamp Linux Software** - This is a program available for Linux users who want to develop and upload their BASIC Stamp projects. It is developed by third-party developers, not by Parallax, the company that manufactures BASIC Stamp modules.

2. **Parallax BASIC Stamp Windows Editor 2** - This software is developed and supported directly by Parallax and is intended for users operating on Windows. It provides a user-friendly interface for writing, testing, and transferring BASIC Stamp code to the microcontroller.

3. **BASIC Stamp Macintosh Editor 2** - Similar to the Linux version, this software is for Mac users and is also developed by third-party developers. It allows Mac users to engage in BASIC Stamp programming with tools tailored to their operating system.

These programs not only allow you to open and edit .BS2 files but also include tools and features that facilitate the programming of BASIC Stamp microcontrollers, such as syntax highlighting, error checking, and direct uploading of code to the hardware. Using these dedicated editors ensures that you can maximize the functionality of your BASIC Stamp projects.


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