.BSB File Extension

A .BSB file is a BioShock Saved Game File, created by Take-Two Interactive Software.

Open with Take-Two Interactive BioShock. Available for Windows and Mac.

What is a .BSB file?

The file extension .BSB is associated with BioShock, a popular first-person shooter video game. This type of file, known as a BioShock Saved Game File, is crucial for players who want to save their progress in the game. When you play BioShock, you encounter various challenges and enemies, and the game allows you to save your current state so you can return to that exact point later without having to start over.

A .BSB file contains all the necessary information about your game progress, including your location in the game world, the items you have collected, your current health status, and more. This makes it easy to pause your game at any time and resume playing later from where you left off.

These saved game files can sometimes be named Autosave.bsb, which indicates that BioShock has automatically saved your progress at a certain point. This feature is helpful because it ensures that you don't lose all your progress if you forget to manually save the game.

To open a .BSB file, you will need to use the BioShock game itself, developed by Take-Two Interactive. This means you must have BioShock installed on your computer or gaming console. When you launch BioShock and go to the game's menu, you can choose to load a saved game, at which point you can select the .BSB file you wish to continue playing from.

In summary, .BSB files are essential for BioShock players to save and load their game progress. These files are opened using the BioShock game developed by Take-Two Interactive.


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