.BSC File Extension

A .BSC file is a Visual Studio Source Browser Information File, created by Microsoft.

Open with Microsoft Visual Studio 2022+. Available for Windows.

What is a .BSC file?

The file extension .BSC represents a Visual Studio Source Browser Information File. This type of file is created by Microsoft Visual Studio, which is a software development kit (SDK) used by developers to create applications and programs. The .BSC file contains symbol information, which is crucial for developers to understand the components and functions used within the application's code.

The symbol information in a .BSC file is derived from an intermediate file with the .SBR extension. This .SBR file is generated from the original source code of the application. Essentially, the .BSC file helps in organizing and referencing the symbols defined in the source code, making it easier for developers to navigate through complex codebases.

Programs that can open .BSC files: - Microsoft Visual Studio 2022 and later versions are capable of opening .BSC files. This software provides tools for developers to manage, edit, and debug their code effectively.

More Information: .BSC files are particularly useful for browsing the symbols in the source code. They play a significant role in Visual Studio's IntelliSense feature, which is an advanced code auto-completion tool. IntelliSense helps developers by providing suggestions for code completion, parameters info, and quick information about symbols. This feature speeds up the coding process and reduces errors by helping developers code more efficiently and accurately.


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