.BSD File Extension

A .BSD file is a BSDL File, created by IEEE.

Open with Xilinx ISE Design Suite. Available for Windows.

What is a .BSD file?

The file extension .BSD or .BSDL refers to a BSDL File, which stands for Boundary Scan Description Language File. This type of file is used in the electronics industry and is crucial for testing the functionality of integrated circuits (ICs) that comply with the JTAG (Joint Test Action Group) standards. The BSDL file format is an established IEEE standard, ensuring it is widely recognized and utilized in electronic hardware testing.

A BSDL file contains detailed descriptions of an integrated circuit's physical pin configurations and its internal registers. This information is essential for accurately testing the IC to ensure it operates correctly. These files are typically provided by the manufacturers of the ICs to their customers, enabling them to perform necessary tests and verifications.

BSDL files are written in plain text, meaning they can be opened and edited with basic text editing software. Some specific programs that can open and handle BSDL files include: 1. **Xilinx ISE Design Suite**: This is a comprehensive software suite used for the design and testing of programmable logic devices, including those that are JTAG-compliant. It supports BSDL files as part of its testing and configuration tools.

2. **Microsoft Notepad**: Included with most versions of Microsoft Windows, Notepad is a simple text editor that can open BSDL files. Since BSDL files are plain text, Notepad provides a straightforward way to view and edit the content.

3. **Other text editors**: Any text editor capable of handling plain text files can be used to open a BSDL file. This includes popular editors like Notepad++, Sublime Text, or Atom, among others.

Understanding and using BSDL files is important for professionals in the electronics and hardware testing fields, as these files provide necessary data for the proper testing and verification of electronic components.


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