.BSS File Extension

A .BSS file is a Resident Evil Background Images File, created by Capcom.

Open with Capcom Resident Evil. Available for Windows.

What is a .BSS file?

The file extension .BSS is associated with the Resident Evil video game series, specifically the versions released for the PlayStation console. This file type is known as a Resident Evil Background Images File. It is a graphics file that contains several 2D images. These images are used as backgrounds in the game, depicting various rooms and environments from multiple camera perspectives. This helps create a more immersive and dynamic visual experience as players navigate through the game's locations.

To view or manage these .BSS files outside of the game, specialized software is required. One such tool is Reevengi, which is designed to open and handle these specific types of files on a computer. This allows users to view the background images stored within the .BSS files, which can be useful for game developers, modders, or fans interested in the graphic design of the game.

The primary program associated with opening and using .BSS files is the game itself, Capcom's Resident Evil for PlayStation. However, for those looking to access these files on a PC, the Reevengi tools provide the necessary functionality to do so.


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