.BST File Extension

A .BST file is a BibTeX Style Document, created by N/A.

Open with TeXworks. Available for Linux, Windows, and Mac.

What is a .BST file?

The file extension .BST represents a BibTeX Style Document. This type of file is crucial for users who work with LaTeX, a typesetting system often used for academic and scientific documents. The .BST file contains rules and instructions that define how bibliography entries should be formatted in a document. It works alongside .BIB files, which are the actual databases of references.

When you are working on a LaTeX document and need to include a bibliography, the .BST file is used by the BibTeX program, commonly referred to as "bibtex." This program reads both the .BST style file and the .BIB database file to properly format and generate the bibliography section according to the specified style rules in the .BST file. Additionally, .BST files can be used to convert BibTeX formatted bibliographies into HTML format, making it easier to publish bibliographic data on the web.

To open and work with .BST files, you can use several programs that are designed for handling LaTeX documents. Some of these programs include: - **TeXworks**: A cross-platform LaTeX editor that is user-friendly and includes tools for creating and editing LaTeX documents. - **LaTeX**: The main typesetting system that uses .BST files for managing bibliographies. - **teTeX**: A comprehensive TeX distribution that includes everything you need to create TeX documents on Unix-based platforms. - **TeXnicCenter**: A feature-rich LaTeX editor for Windows that provides a powerful and integrated development environment. - **proTeXt**: A TeX distribution for Windows, enhancing the TeX experience with additional features and tools. - **LaTeXEditor**: Another editor for LaTeX that provides various functionalities to facilitate document creation. - **LyX/Mac**: A document processor that simplifies the use of LaTeX and is available for Mac users, providing a graphical interface to work with LaTeX.

These programs help in editing and managing .BST files to ensure that bibliographies are formatted correctly in LaTeX documents.


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