.BSV File Extension

A .BSV file is a ImBatch Task List, created by High Motion Software.

Open with Vim. Available for Linux, Windows, and Mac.

What is a .BSV file?

A .BSV file is a specific type of file known as an ImBatch Task List. This file is created by a program called ImBatch, which is designed for processing multiple images at once. The .BSV file contains a list of tasks or actions that ImBatch will perform on a group of images. These tasks might include resizing, adjusting colors, applying filters, or other image editing operations.

The content inside a .BSV file is written in XML format. XML is a way of organizing information in a readable structure for both humans and computers. Because the .BSV file is in XML format, you can open and view its contents using any basic text editor, not just specific image processing software.

To work with .BSV files, you can use several programs: 1. **High Motion Software ImBatch**: This is the primary software for which the .BSV file is designed. ImBatch reads the .BSV file to understand what batch processing tasks to perform on images. 2. **Text Editors**: - **Microsoft Notepad**: This is a simple text editor included with Windows operating systems. It can open .BSV files allowing you to view and edit the XML content. - **Apple TextEdit**: Similar to Notepad but for macOS, TextEdit can also open .BSV files for viewing and editing. - **Vim**: This is a more advanced text editor available on multiple platforms. It can handle .BSV files as well. - **Any Text Editor**: Essentially, any text editing software that can read plain text files can be used to open and edit .BSV files.

In summary, a .BSV file is used by ImBatch to automate image processing tasks. You can view or modify the contents of a .BSV file using common text editors, or use ImBatch to execute the tasks listed in the file on a set of images.


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