.BTF File Extension

A .BTF file is a NationsBank Check Images, created by Bank of America.

Open with Web browser with NationsBank Check Viewing plugin. Available for Windows.

What is a .BTF file?

The file extension .BTF is associated with NationsBank Check Images. These files are used to store images of checks along with accompanying text information in ASCII format. The images within the .BTF files can be compressed using various methods such as G4, JPEG, ABIC, or IOCA/ABIC compression techniques. This helps in reducing the file size while maintaining the quality of the images.

The text included in the .BTF files provides detailed information about each check. This includes data such as the issue date when the check was written, the paid date when the check was processed, the amount of money the check was for, and other relevant details. This combination of image and text data makes .BTF files very useful for record-keeping and verification purposes in banking and financial contexts.

To view or open a .BTF file, you typically need a web browser that has a specific plugin installed. This plugin is known as the NationsBank Check Viewing plugin. Once this plugin is installed in your web browser, you can easily open and view the contents of .BTF files directly in your browser. This setup is particularly useful for bank employees or individuals who need to access and review check information conveniently through their web browsers.


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