.BTI File Extension

A .BTI file is a Nintendo Texture File, created by Nintendo.

Open with MKDS Course Modifier. Available for Windows.

What is a .BTI file?

The file extension .BTI refers to a Nintendo Texture File, which is a type of image file used in video games developed for Nintendo platforms such as the GameCube, Wii, and Nintendo DS. Popular games like those from the Zelda and Mario series utilize these texture files. These files contain graphical textures that define how surfaces appear in the game, including the visuals of characters, environments, and objects.

The .BTI files are sometimes modified by fans and gaming enthusiasts, particularly within the modding community. Modders often alter these files to change the appearance of characters or game environments, creating a customized gaming experience. This practice can refresh or enhance the visual aspect of older games or add a personal touch to the gameplay.

To open or modify .BTI files, specific software tools are required. Programs such as MKDS Course Modifier and Wiimms SZS Tools are commonly used for these purposes. MKDS Course Modifier is generally used for modifying Nintendo DS games, while Wiimms SZS Tools can handle files across various Nintendo platforms, including Wii.

Additionally, the BTI file format shares similarities with other Nintendo image formats like .BREFT, .TEX0, and .TPL. Using Wiimms SZS Tools, it is possible to convert .BTI files into these formats as well as into more universally recognized formats such as .PNG. This conversion capability is useful for broader applications of the texture files, including editing and sharing outside of the original gaming context.


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