.BTN File Extension

A .BTN file is a AutoPlay Media Studio Button File, created by Indigo Rose.

Open with Indigo Rose AutoPlay Media Studio. Available for Windows.

What is a .BTN file?

The file extension .BTN refers to a "Button File" used by a software program called AutoPlay Media Studio. AutoPlay Media Studio is a tool designed to help developers quickly create interactive projects like CD menus, games, and multimedia applications without needing extensive programming knowledge.

A .BTN file contains all the necessary information for a button within these projects. This includes how the button looks (its style) and what happens when someone clicks on the button (the actions it performs). These actions are usually defined through scripting, which is a way of writing small programs or scripts to automate tasks.

For example, in a CD menu, a .BTN file might define a button that plays a video when clicked. In a game, it might be used for a button that starts the game or takes the player to the next level.

To open and work with a .BTN file, you would use AutoPlay Media Studio, developed by Indigo Rose Software. This is the primary program designed to handle such files, allowing users to edit the button's appearance and define its actions. There is no standard support for .BTN files outside of AutoPlay Media Studio, so using this specific software is necessary for anyone looking to modify or create .BTN files.


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