.BVR File Extension

A .BVR file is a Blue Iris Video, created by Perspective Software.

Open with Perspective Software Blue Iris. Available for Windows.

What is a .BVR file?

The file extension .BVR represents a Blue Iris Video file. This type of file is created by the Blue Iris security video recording software, which is commonly used in commercial settings such as stores, shopping malls, and other business locations. The main purpose of this software is to record video footage for security monitoring.

A .BVR file contains video data that has been recorded by the Blue Iris software. One of the key features of these video files is their ability to support playback that can be navigated based on specific motion events captured within the video. For example, if the video records a customer walking past a camera, you can easily find and view this event without having to watch the entire video.

To open a .BVR file, you need to use the Perspective Software Blue Iris program. This is the same software that is used to record the video, and it allows you to view and manage the video recordings. With Blue Iris, you can watch the video, scroll through to specific parts of the footage where motion was detected, and manage your security settings.


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