.BVS File Extension

A .BVS file is a BVS Solitaire Collection Saved Game, created by BVS Development Corporation.

Open with BVS Solitaire Collection. Available for Windows and Mac.

What is a .BVS file?

A .BVS file is a type of file used specifically by a computer program called BVS Solitaire Collection. This program lets people play more than 500 different kinds of card games that are similar to Solitaire. When someone is playing one of these games and decides to stop before finishing, they can save their current game into a .BVS file. This saved file contains all the information about the game at the moment it was saved, so the player can open this file later and continue playing right where they left off.

The .BVS file is very useful because it not only allows a player to pause and resume their game anytime, but it also lets them share this saved game with other players who have the same BVS Solitaire Collection program. This means friends can try completing each other's games or just see how far someone has gotten in a particular game.

To open a .BVS file, you need to have the BVS Solitaire Collection program installed on your computer. This program is available for different types of devices, so you can use it on a regular computer or on an iOS device like an iPhone or iPad. If you have the program installed, you just need to click on the .BVS file, and it will open in the BVS Solitaire Collection program, letting you either continue the game or view the saved game state.


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