.BWW File Extension

A .BWW file is a Bagpipe Player File, created by Doug Wickstrom.

Open with Bagpipe Player. Available for Windows.

What is a .BWW file?

The file extension .BWW represents a Bagpipe Player File. This type of file is specifically used by a software called Bagpipe Player, which is designed for musicians who play the bagpipes. The .BWW file contains musical notations that are used to create and display bagpipe music. These files are structured in a plain text format, making them easy to read and edit with basic text editing tools.

When you open a .BWW file in the Bagpipe Player program, you can view the music as a chart, similar to a traditional music sheet. This allows musicians to easily follow along and play the music. Additionally, the Bagpipe Player software can play the music written in the .BWW file using MIDI (Musical Instrument Digital Interface) sounds or through a PC Speaker, giving you an auditory preview of how the bagpipe music will sound when played live.

To open a .BWW file, you need to use the Bagpipe Player software, which is specifically designed for this file type. Once opened, you can also print the music from the .BWW file using any standard printer, allowing you to have a physical copy of the bagpipe music sheet for practice or performance purposes.


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