.BWZ File Extension

A .BWZ file is a WinImage Batch Configuration File, created by Gilles Vollant.

Open with Gilles Vollant WinImage. Available for Windows.

What is a .BWZ file?

The file extension .BWZ represents a WinImage Batch Configuration File. This type of file is associated with WinImage, which is a software tool used for creating and managing disk images. A disk image is a file that contains the exact content and structure of a storage device, such as a hard drive, CD, or floppy disk.

A .BWZ file specifically stores settings for batch processing in WinImage. Batch processing allows users to automate the creation of multiple disk images without having to manually configure settings for each one. This is particularly useful for tasks that need to be repeated, such as backing up data or creating identical setups for multiple computers.

To use a .BWZ file, it must be loaded into the WinImage Batch Assistant. The Batch Assistant is a feature within WinImage that facilitates the automation process. It uses the settings saved in the .BWZ file to execute batch operations, making the creation of multiple disk images more efficient.

If you need to create or modify a .BWZ file, you can do so within WinImage. After setting up your batch configuration in the Batch Assistant, you can save these settings into a .BWZ file by clicking the "Save..." button located in the lower-right corner of the Batch Assistant window.

The primary program that opens a .BWZ file is Gilles Vollant WinImage. This software is necessary if you want to work with .BWZ files, as it provides the tools needed to create, load, and use these batch configuration files.


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