.BXT File Extension

A .BXT file is a Balabolka Text Document, created by Ilya Morozov.

Open with Vim. Available for Linux, Windows, and Mac.

What is a .BXT file?

A .BXT file is a type of text document specifically used by Balabolka, which is a free program designed to convert text into speech. This file format includes text that is formatted in XML, which Balabolka reads to transform written words into audio that sounds like it's being spoken. The .BXT file not only contains the main text but also includes various settings such as the pitch, speed, voice type, and volume levels. These settings help customize how the audio sounds when Balabolka reads the text aloud.

To open a .BXT file, you can use several different programs. Balabolka itself is the primary software for opening and working with .BXT files as it fully supports the file's features including the text-to-speech settings. However, since the content is in XML format, you can also view and edit .BXT files using any basic text editor. Common text editors include Vim, Apple TextEdit (which comes included with macOS), and other generic text editors available on different operating systems. These editors allow you to see and modify the text and XML code, but to utilize the text-to-speech features, you would need to use Balabolka.


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