.BXX File Extension

A .BXX file is a BS Contact Parameter File, created by Bitmanagement Software.

Open with Bitmanagement Software BS Contact. Available for Linux and Windows.

What is a .BXX file?

The .BXX file extension refers to a BS Contact Parameter File. This type of file is primarily used by BS Contact, which is either a plug-in for web browsers or a standalone viewer. BS Contact is designed to support multi-user 3D environments that are both collaborative and social. These environments are powered by DirectX and OpenGL, which are technologies that enhance graphical experiences on computers.

A .BXX file contains important settings and information in a text format. These settings include parameters for how the layout should appear and details for connecting to different components or servers. For example, the file might specify the address of a community server, the port to connect through, preferences for the scene, and details about the 3D scene itself. It can also include the name of the virtual world, messages for users when they enter a chat, and settings for voice communication.

To open a .BXX file, you would typically use Bitmanagement Software’s BS Contact program. This software is available in various editions such as BS Contact Geo, BS Contact MPEG-4, BS Contact Mobile, BC Contact J, and BS Cave, catering to different needs and platforms.

Originally, BS Contact was developed under the name "blaxxun Contact" by a company called blaxxun Interactive. This company was later acquired by Bitmanagement Software, which continues to develop and enhance BS Contact.

In summary, if you have a .BXX file, you are dealing with a parameter file that helps configure settings for a 3D virtual environment in BS Contact. You would need the appropriate version of BS Contact software to open and utilize this file effectively.


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