.C01 File Extension

A .C01 file is a WinAce Split Archive Part 1 File, created by e-merge.

Open with E-merge WinAce (Discontinued). Available for Windows.

What is a .C01 file?

The .C01 file extension is used for a specific type of file known as a WinAce Split Archive Part 1 File. This file is the first segment of a larger compressed file that has been divided into multiple parts. The purpose of splitting a large archive into smaller sections, like the .C01 file and its subsequent parts (.C02, .C03, and so on), is to make it easier to store and transfer the file on media with limited storage capacity, such as floppy disks. In some cases, there might also be a .C00 file, which typically precedes the .C01 file.

These split archive files were created using a program called WinAce, which was designed to compress files and split them into manageable pieces. However, it's important to note that E-merge WinAce, the software used to create and open these files, has been discontinued. This means that the original program is no longer being updated or supported by its developers.

Despite the discontinuation of WinAce, there may still be ways to access and extract the contents of a .C01 file and its associated parts. Users might need to look for alternative software that supports WinAce split archive files or consider converting these files into a different format that is more widely supported by current compression and decompression tools.


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